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Adult Accommodations

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Adult Accommodations - (This option is only available to those bringing children to camp.)
We are offering housing for parents/guardians and children in group cabins. No private rooms are available. Cabins may have 10 people in twin beds. This means that you may be sharing a cabin with other families or group leaders.  Linens are not provided. 

All adults staying overnight are required to complete a background check(CLICK HERE).  This is included in the cost of the camp.

The cost, including all meals with the campers and the background check, is $175 for the first camper and $150 for each additional camper in the family. (Ex. If you bring 2 children, the cost would be $175 for you and then $150 for each of the children.)
A limited number of beds are available and will be held upon receipt of the $25 deposit. Please register under adult reservation.

Your child(ren) between the ages of 6-12 may stay with you in one of these family cabins AND still participate as a camper in our camp. We will assign your camper to an adult group leader. Your child will spend the days with this particular group. It is your responsibility to make sure your child connects with the group leader in the morning at breakfast.

Children ages 8-12 are able to stay in a cabin with their group and cabin leader rather than with you.

Cost for children staying in the cabin with you is $150 per child.

Adult Seminars
Adult seminars will be available for those adults staying with us at the camp as well as daily visiting adults who are not part of our staff. Seminars will include teaching and instruction that is designed to help you help your children develop a deeper relationship with the Lord.